• Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    The Carrymate OXO 160, on display during GlassBuild America, is the newest addition to the line of Carrymate Safety Grips for lifting and carrying glass, metal, windows, doors and more. The OXO version offers elongated clamps, to move complete window units, including casements and finned windows. The company reports that these self-adjusting grips and lifters can handle widths from 0 to 6.3... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    DXL-USA and Sealtech-Brazil’s show offerings include pile-weatherstripping in black, gray and white pile and backing fixed with ultrasonic welding. All filaments are centered to the side parts, allowing the filaments to remain upright and not touch or get into the aluminum fitting. Gasket profiles are developed and manufactured with a vulcanized microwave oven. All products are fabricated... more »
  • Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The new Glass-Chek Elite GC3200 identifies laminated glass in a window and measures the thickness of the laminate inner-layer. A graphical display now shows an illustration of the profile of the window, helping users to better understand its construction. In one of 12 special operating modes, the Glass-Chek Elite can even identify which piece of glass has the low-E coating. Other special... more »
  • Other Products & Services
    During GlassBuild America, Capital Tape Co. will feature ultra-high-bond acrylic tapes designed for muntin, mullion and SDL attachment, for indoor and outdoor trim attachment, and for cladding, anywhere high performance and durability is required. Products are designed to survive severe outdoor conditions providing superior performance in harsh environments, according to the company. Resistant to... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Dow Corning’s new 2400 Silicone Assembly Sealant delivers high performance and productivity at the same time, according to the company. Combining faster green strength, high tensile-strength values and superior creep resistance, this one-part, 100 percent silicone moisture-reactive hot-melt sealant can be used with standard hot-melt XY glazing and dispensing equipment and features unprimed... more »
  • Patio Doors
    Energi Fenestration’s Marquise Tilt & Turn product line, including the Tilt & Slide patio door, has been developed for the North American residential, commercial and institutional market and designed with a touch of European style. This multi-functional high-end window product line features optimized thermal profile chambers, a wide selection of frame depths suited for several... more »