• Door & Window Hardware
    Vision Hardware announces three new generations of its Lock-Tilt Combo, the All-in-One Locking & Tilting Window Hardware System. The pistons in the side rails are longer and are not tapered. When engaged, the cylindrical piston slides into a beveled recess in the jamb reinforced with a fixed metal retainer clip. The end result is a four-point locking system. The new window opening control... more »
  • Windows
    All Weather Windows built a wrapping room that houses machinery for laminating window profiles with Renolit EXOFOL FX. Offering three layers of protection to guard against UV, heat and moisture, it also utilizes PUR adhesive to keep the material from lifting in various weather conditions. Renolit EXOFOL FX has undergone over 10,000 hours of testing in various weather climates from extreme desert... more »
  • Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The Erdman Parallel Process High Speed IG Line will increase output, in a smaller footprint, for a lower cost than other IG lines, according to the company. The Parallel Process Line derives its name from the innovation of shuttling the topping lite to a back lane. Therefore, the two glass lites run parallel to each other. Designed to produce 1,400+ IGU per shift with only three to four operators... more »
  • Patio Doors
    The opening glass wall from NanaWall is an aluminum-framed, thermally broken folding system with extremely narrow stiles and superior thermal performance, according to the company. The ultra-slim profiles are 1 7/8 inches wide and are available in two profile options, rounded and angular. The opening glass wall is rated, certified, and labeled per NFRC 100/200 and meets Energy Star standards.... more »
  • Entry Doors
    Taylor introduced a new 22 gauge steel door that is coated with a 9 mil polyolefin coating that features a realistic appearing wood grain in a choice of oak, cherry, walnut or mahogany. It also features Taylor's adjustable hinge system for adjustability throughout the life of the door. Available in two-panel, six-panel and flush door panel styles (others by request), matching vinyl coated wood... more »
  • Composite & Fiberglass Components
    Rovex is a fiberglass reinforced resin designed to serve as an alternative to conventional materials like concrete and metal. It is also an alternative to traditional polyester fiberglass composites. Strong yet lightweight, Rovex products are non-corrosive, non-conductive and offer superior structural, thermal and environmental performance, according to the company. The composite material... more »