• Door & Window Hardware
    Pirnar says that its Ultimum Pure is the world’s first entrance with an automatic handle. It uses fingerprint scanning or other means of access control to identify its owner, triggering the release of the handle from the panel as the area is illuminated and the door unlocks and opens. Once closed, the handle retracts, preventing access to strangers. The doors can be rendered in wood,... more »
  • Windows
    PR Germany’s switchable glass offers three different technologies in one pane. This new, redesigned glass is lighter and bulletproof; the Bulldog Glass utilizes the company’s Controller and a special frame. Any invasive objects swung, thrown or shot at the pane are caught by the bulletproof/burglary-resistant glass. Upon impact, the affected glass and the attached panels become... more »
  • Windows
    The Communication Window, developed by PR Germany, consists of liquid crystals controlled by the company’s Controlbox to allow three functions: transparency, an interactive touch screen and a security screen. With an electrical current, the glass appears transparent. Via touch sensor technology and a projector, the glass can become a touch screen that can additionally be integrated with... more »
  • Windows
    The PR Climate Window is built in a specially engineered frame that contains cooling and heating elements. The glass panel is filled with selected conducting gases that influence the temperature. The required energy is generated by solar cells integrated into the glass and frame, which are regulated by a power box. The prototypes reached a difference of +/- 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit. more »
  • Renoworks Pro is a web-based visualization software that is said to enable contractors to quickly design realistic images of remodeled homes before a project starts. Users can upload an image of a home interior or exterior and use editing and design tools to apply real-world interior and exterior products to redesign the home. Designs can be shared via email or with a computer or tablet. Users... more »
  • Summit Automation offers solutions for sliding door and window automation with four different motors available for any size door unit or configuration. The systems incorporate Summit Smart Switch technology and high-resolution touch screens. The Summit Door Control App allows homeowners to operate the system on any smart device. The Auto-Open feature enables the doors to be motion activated,... more »